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GNU Ghostscript

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Introduction to GNU Ghostscript

Ghostscript is the name of a set of software that provides:

Ghostscript was originally written by Peter Deutsch.

The original Ghostscript program is maintained by a group of developers. Raph Levien is the main developer.

GNU Ghostscript is maintained by a team of GNU programmers.

GNU Ghostscript is known to run on the following platform families:

Obtaining GNU Ghostscript

GNU Ghostscript is a copyrighted work; it is distributed under the GNU General Public License. You can get the current version of GNU Ghostscript by Internet FTP from from any of the GNU distribution sites; likely, alpha versions may be available on

The Ghostscript source code distribution requires a library written by the Independent JPEG Group (IJG), the zlib compression library, and optionally the libpng image format library. These libraries do NOT fall under the GNU License; each comes with its own license, all of which are more permissive than and compatible with the GPL. For more information, please see the README files in the respective library sources. The executable versions of Ghostscript are based in part on the work of these groups.


GNU Ghostscript documentation is distributed with the source packages.

Mailing Lists/Newsgroups

The following mailing lists are all about GNU Ghostscript:

The main discussion list is <>, and is used to discuss all aspects of GNU Ghostscript, including development and porting.

Discussion about GNU Ghostscript and Ghostview can be found in the USENET gnu.ghostscript.bug newsgroup.

Request an Enhancement

If you would like any new feature to be included in future versions of GNU Ghostscript, please send a request to <>.

Please remember that development of GNU Ghostscript is a volunteer effort, and you can also contribute to its development. For information about contributing to the GNU Project, please read How to help GNU.

Report a Bug

If you think you have found a bug in GNU Ghostscript, then you should send as complete a report as possible to <>.


GNU Ghostscript development is done on the appropiate savannah project.

Additional Information


GNU Ghostscript is currently maintained by Didier Link (<>) and José E. Marchesi (<>).

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