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Any contributions are appreciated. Especially, we hope you to write new parsers which work well with GLOBAL to support various languages. Besides, there are many jobs we should do about GLOBAL.

But I cannot merge your copyrighted code into core GLOBAL. I may ask you to write a disclaimer paper like this:


    I, NAME OF PERSON, hereby disclaim all copyright interest in my
    changes and enhancements to GLOBAL (herein called
    the "Program").

    I affirm that I have no other intellectual property interest that
    would undermine this release, or the use of the Program, and will
    do nothing to undermine it in the future.  I represent that the
    changes and enhancements are my own and not a copy of someone
    else's work.

    <signature and date>


It is to keep things simple. (In return for writing the paper, your name will be recorded in AUTHORS file.)

If you cannot agree with this policy, please remenber that you can freely copy, modify and redistribute this program under GPL.

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