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Getting GLOBAL

Source archive

You can download the latest source archive from global-5.2.tar.gz or GNU ftp site.

Binary archive

DOS and Windows 32 version are distributed by Jason Hood.

DOS version is also distributed by Shankar Chakkere.

Mac OSX version is distributed by DarwinPorts and Fink project .

Debian GNU/Linux version , SuSE GNU/Linux version and Fedora GNU/Linux version are available.

AIX version and HP-UX version are also available.

You can also get binary package from following distributions:

CVS repository

You can browse the GLOBAL CVS repository via the ViewCVS interface.

You can also use the CVS utility to obtain anonymous read-only access. Please see savannah CVS page for the details.

You can build CVS version of GLOBAL like this:
(You need automake, autoconf, gperf, bison and flex installed in your machine.)

% sh 
% ./configure
% make

Powered icon

Powered icon for GLOBAL is now available.

This file is placed into the public domain by the author, 2006 Tama Communications Corporation.

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