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Plans for the future

Plans of the highest priority are listed first.

  • Treat enum members as definitions.(C)
  • Generate link from 'require', 'require_once' and 'include_once'.(PHP)
  • Improve GTAGS SELECT MODE so that long path name can be displayed.(gtags.el)
  • Support of PHP language in the following commands in gtags.el.
    • gtags-find-tag-by-event
    • gtags-find-tag-from-here.
  • Rewrite function header using Doxygen style.
  • Support new languages. Here is a list of candidates:
    • Lex
    • D
    • C#
    • LaTeX
    • Scheme
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Ruby
  • Rewrite gtags-parser(1) using flex(1) completely.
  • Pickup definitions of data type, enum name, enum value, union name and struct name. Finally, remove GSYMS. (gtags-parser, gtags)
  • Make the links in the hypertext generated by htags(1) context sensitive.
    For example, if you have a pointer p to a struct B with a field b, and write p->b in the code, the "b" is linked to the field in B. It supports struct, class and namespace(C++).
  • The --dynamic option generates not only index files but also hypertext of source code itself.
  • Support tag type. (like Exuberant Ctags.)
  • Support glob pattern for path name search (global -P).
  • Support gtags-query-replace (gtags.el).
  • Allow spaces in path name of source files.
  • Visual interface using GUI.
  • Ttags(1) command.
    Ttags(1) is similar to htags(1) but makes TeX source for a book instead of hypertext.
  • Support multi-bytes code set.
  • Add support of built-in parser for gtags(1).
    Since this parser is linked to gtags at function layer, we can make simpler and more efficient gtags without any external commands.
Any contributions are appreciated. Please see contribution.
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