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How to order t-shirts

FSF T-shirts are available by at least three methods:

To buy a T-shirt from the FSF, use our order form or web order form.

The 2001 GNU Age T-shirt

On the front is a levitating gnu and the words "Welcome to the GNU Age!" The back has "Free Software Foundation" and our web site address "www.gnu.org". Presently sizes S, M, L, and XL are on bleached white, while sizes XXL and XXXL come on natural (a light tan). (Link to order form.)

The 1999 T-shirt

On the front is the Dynamic Duo: the GNU and the Penguin in flight, in full color. On the back is "FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION" in black and our web address in red. (Link to order form.)

The 1998 T-shirt

On the front of the shirt is our Typing Gnu,

 [image of the typing GNU]
the same as on the earliest GNU T-shirt. On the back is the preamble to the GNU General Public License, together with its new URL. (Link to order form.)

We have reprinted the 1998 shirt and we have the following sizes and colors in stock:

The colors burgundy and blue-green have been discontinued.
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