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Here is a list, by country, of the mirrors of, the Primary GNU Project's World Wide Web server sponsored by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Here is a list of our FTP mirrors.

If you would like to be a mirror site, please read this advice, and then ask to add you to this list once you have your mirror site set up.

The primary Web site for the GNU Project is fairly busy. Please use one of these mirrors of our primary Web site that is close to you.

Here are the countries that have Web mirror sites:

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belarus | Belgium | Bosnia & Herzegovina | Bulgaria | Canada | China | Czech Republic | Denmark | Estonia | France | Germany | Hong Kong | Hungary | Iceland | Indonesia | Israel | Italy | Ireland | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Romania | Russia | Singapore | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | Turkey | Ukraine | United Kingdom | United States

Here are the Web mirror sites listed by country:

The GNU Project's primary Web site is It is fairly busy. Please use one of the other Web sites listed above.

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