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Read and comment on the proposed GPLv3 draft
For the first time in fifteen years, the GNU General Public License is being revised. Please read the rationale behind the proposed changes and leave your comments for consideration by the license drafters. You can also help us build the needed educational and reference resources surrounding the license by editing the GPLv3 wiki.
Contribute to high priority free software projects
There is a vital need to draw the free software community's attention to the ongoing development work on these particular projects. These projects are important because computer users are continually being seduced into using non-free software, because there is no adequate free replacement. Please support these projects: 3D driver for ATI graphics cards, Gnash (GPL Flash movie player), GNU Compiler for Java, and GNU Classpath.
Sign EFF's petition in favor of music sharing
There is one flaw in the wording of this petition. It is a mistake to speak of "compensating musicians" for copying, because that encourages the RIAA's dangerous pretense that they have "lost" something when people copy. The appropriate goal is not that musicians be "compensated"--it is to support music and musicians. However, that is no reason not to sign the petition.
Support Public Knowledge against the "broadcast flag"
Public Knowledge won a court case to overturn the FCC's "broadcast flag" requirement. Now it needs your support for the coming battle in Congress. See for more information.
Call on WIPO to change its name and mission:
People are invited to support this declaration calling on WIPO to change its name and mission.
Oppose the WIPO Broadcast Treaty:
Please help the Union for the Public Domain raise awareness of the danger of the WIPO Broadcast Treaty, by asking your government officials questions about it.
Help Fight Software Patents in Europe:
Please see for what you can do to help fight against software patents in Europe. (For more specific involvement see
Take over unmaintained GNU packages:
Several GNU packages need new maintainers: a2ps, fontutils, thales. Email for further details if you are seriously interested in taking over one of these projects. (Of course, many other GNU projects are also seeking help of various kinds; see the GNU Task list.)
Enhance the Free Software Directory:
We would like your suggestions for free software packages to add to the Free Software Directory. Please look up your favorite free software packages there, and if one of them is not found, please suggest it. Please email us the package name and the URL for where it can be found. You can also help even further by writing a draft entry that we could start with.
Petitions to Sign:
Please sign both the Petition Against Software Patents and the Anti-DMCA Petition.

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