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GNU Gama

GNU Gama is a package for adjustment of geodetic free networks (acronym Gama is formed from words geodesy and mapping). GNU Gama is written in C++ and currently supports only adjustment in a local carthesian coordinate system; adjustment in global coordinate system is part of new development branch.

A part of GNU Gama project is a small C++ matrix/vector template library matvec. It is available either with GNU Gama or separately with basic documentation and some examples.

Apart from C++ library of classes and functions, GNU Gama comes with a command line gama-local that adjusts a given set of observations and prints adjustment results as a series of formatted tables.


For parsing XML documents Gama uses XML parser expat, originally written by James Clark. If for any reason expat library is not installed on your system, Gama still can be compiled and build with old version 1.1 of expat, that is distributed with Gama (make dep-expat-1.1; make). XML parser expat is not a part of GNU Gama, but is used with GNU Gama.

GNU Gama requires adjustment input data described in XML format, see documentation for details.


GNU Gama stable branch version is 1.8 and can be found on in the subdirectory /gnu/gama/ on your favorite GNU mirror or checked-out from the CVS as the branch gama-1-8. See our project page at for more information.

Development branch version 1.9 is available from the CVS on the main trunk or from the alpha GNU ftp server

To get an anonymous read-only access to the CVS repository for the latest GNU Gama source, issue the following commands

cvs co -P gama


cvs co -P -r gama-1-8 gama

for the stable branch gama-1-8. You can later update your sources by running

cvs update -dPA

To download from CVS only the matrix/vector C++ template library matvec issue

cvs co gama/lib/matvec

The collection of sample networks is available as a separete CVS module. To checkout the gama-local examples from CVS use the command

cvs co examples

GNU Gama files in CVS repository can also be browsed in directories gama and examples .


User guide to GNU Gama in Texinfo format is included in the source tarball. Users without access to GNU Texinfo can read documentation in PDF output generated from Texinfo source.

Please see links for more information related to GNU project Gama.

Contact us

GNU Gama has two moderated mailing list

If you prefere, you can always directly contact Aleš Čepek.

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