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User-visible changes:

Detailed list of changes:

2002-01-23  Bernhard Rosenkraenzer 
	* Version 2.5g
	* Makefile.cvs, grep.spec: Add packaging tools
	Merge djgpp changes from Andrew Cottrell :
	* src/grep.c: Added conditional compilation for DJGPP
	* djgpp: remove directory as it is no longer required with DJGPP 2.03
                 (or 2.04 when released)
	* README.DOS: Moved djgpp/readme to readme.dos
	* PATCHES.AC, PATCHES.AM: delete files - redundant
	*, remove djgpp directory from list

2002-01-22  Bernhard Rosenkraenzer 
	* doc/grep.texi, doc/grep.1, NEWS: Document --label
	* po/ru.po: Sync with translation project
	* po/grep.pot: Sync with source

2002-01-18  Bernhard Rosenkraenzer 
	* src/grep.c: Add --label, based on patch from Stepan Koltsov

2001-11-20  Bernhard Rosenkraenzer 
	* Don't hardcode aclocal dir

2001-11-19  Bernhard Rosenkraenzer 
	* src/grep.c: Add --only-matching (-o) switch (see NEWS)
	* doc/grep.texi, doc/grep.1, NEWS: Document changes
	*, lib/ Don't use internal getopt if
          we're on a system that provides a working getopt function

2001-09-25  Bernhard Rosenkraenzer 
	* Detect pcre correctly even when it's in
	  non-standard locations, using pcre-config
	* src/grep.c: Add --color={always,never,tty} argument (like in ls)
	* src/grep.c: Turn off blinking in the default colorization
	* src/grep.c: Add --devices (-D) switch (analogous to --directories)
	* src/dfa.c: Fix an i18n bug: echo "A" | grep '[A-Z0-9]' wouldn't work
	  in non-C-Locales on systems using current versions of glibc.
	* AUTHORS: Change maintainer, credit Alain for his work until now
	*, m4/decl.m4, m4/dosfile.m4, m4/gettext.m4,
	  m4/init.m4, m4/install.m4, m4/largefile.m4, m4/lcmessage.m4,
	  m4/header.m4, m4/isc-posix.m4, m4/missing.m4, m4/progtest.m4,
	  Fix build with autoconf 2.5x, retain 2.1x compatibility for now
	* Add some crude hacks to make it possible to build with
	  both autoconf 2.5x and 2.1x
	* acconfig.h: removed (no longer required)
	* add cvs-clean target
	* doc/grep.texi, doc/grep.1, NEWS: Document changes
	  (--color, --devices, -D)
	* src/dfa.c, src/grep.c: Add vim modelines

2001-08-30  Alain Magloire

	* Add gl in ALL_LINGUAS.

2001-08-30  Kurt D Schwehr

	* doc/grep.1: Warn that grep insert a "--" between groups of matches,
	when using the context options.
	* doc/grep.texi: Likewised.

2001-08-25  Heikki Korpela

	* doc/grep.texi: Point out that some Platforms do not support
	reading of directories and silently ignore them.

2001-08-21  Alain Magloire

	* lib/malloc.c: New file:
	* lib/realloc.c: New file:
	* lib/ Add malloc.c and realloc.c in EXTRA_DIST.

2001-07-31  Alain Magloire

	* po/*.po: New files from the translation team:  grep-2.5e.el.po  grep-2.5e.eo.po

2001-07-31  Andreas Schwab

	* src/grep.c: Fix all uses of error to pass a proper format

2001-07-29  Alain Magloire

	* grep/src/grep.c (usage): Typos corrected.
	Patches from Santiago Vila.

2001-07-29  Alain Magloire

	David Clissold, wrote:
	a small bug in the GNU grep 2.4.2, which may have gone unnoticed
	because it only causes a failure if building on a system with large
	files enabled (e.g. an "off_t" is a "long long" rather than a "long").
	savedir() takes on off_t argument, but in grepdir() the parameter
	is cast to an (unsigned).  Well, if an off_t is larger than an int,
	the value gets truncated.  This would not normally have an effect on a
	little-endian platform (unless the file is >2GB), but on a big-endian
	system it will always fail.  The external effect is that
	"grep -r foo dir_name" fails with ENOMEM (from malloc() within

	* grep/src/grep.c (grepdir): Remove the (unsigned) cast when calling
	Patch from David Clissold.

2001-07-29  Alain Magloire

	* grep/doc/grep.texi: In Bugs report use {n,m} for consistency.
	* grep/doc/grep.1: Likewised.
	Noted by Steven Lucy.

2001-04-27  Isamu Hasegawa

	* dfa.c (mblen_buf) : New variable contains the amount of remain
	byte of corresponding multibyte character in the input string.
	(match_anychar) : Use mblen_buf.
	(match_mb_charset) : Use mblen_buf.
	(transit_state_consume_1char) : Use mblen_buf.
	(transit_state) : Use inputwcs to get current (multibyte) character.
	(dfaexec) : Add initialization of mblen_buf.

2001-04-27  Isamu Hasegawa

	* dfa.c (addtok) : Set appropriate value to multibyte_prop.
	(dfastate) : Add the initialization of the variable.
	(dfaexec) : Call transit_state if d->fail may transit by
	multibyte characters.
	(transit_state_singlebyte) : Clean up unnecessary code.
	(transit_state_consume_1char) : Likewise.
        (transit_state) : Add checking for word and newline.

2001-04-19  Isamu Hasegawa

	* search.c (check_multibyte_string) : Check the case when mbclen == 0.

2001-04-11  Isamu Hasegawa

	* search.c (check_multibyte_string) : Check the head of multibyte
	characters, and optimize a bit.
	(EGexecute) : Optimize a bit.
	(Fexecute) : Fix the index.

2001-04-02  Alain Magloire

	* lib/regex.c: Update from GNU lib C, with the changes
	provided by Paul Eggert.
	* lib/posix/regex.h: Likewise.

2001-02-17  Paul Eggert

	Stop trying to support hosts that have nonstandard declarations for
	mbrtowc and/or mbstate_t.  It's not worth the portability hassle.

	* lib/quotearg.c (mbrtowc, mbsinit): Remove workaround macros
	for hosts that have mbrtowc but not mbstate_t, as we now
	insist on proper declarations for both before using mbrtowc.

2001-03-18  Alain Magloire

	* Add mbstate_t.m4
	* m4/ Add mbstate_t.m4
	* m4/mbstate_t.m4: New m4 macro.
	* lib/strtol.c: Define CHAR_BITS.
	Uwe H. Steinfeld, Ruslan Ermilov, Volkert Bochert, noted
	that mbstate_t was not define for certain platforms.

2001-03-18  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (fillbuf): Fix storage allocation performance
	bug: buffer was doubling in size in many cases where it didn't
	have to.

2001-03-17  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (fillbuf): Avoid unnecessary division by 2.
	Don't check xrealloc return value; it's guaranteed to be nonzero.
	(fillbuf, grepdir): Use xalloc_die rather than error; it's shorter.

2001-03-17  Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c (context_length_arg): error () passing wrong format.
	Spotted by Jim Meyering.

2001-03-07  Alain Magloire

	* README-alpha: Removed reference to GNU tar, add the location
	of the CVSROOT.

2001-03-06  Alain Magloire

	Only the Regex patterns should be split in an array, patterns[].
	The dfa and KWset compiled patterns should remain global and the
	patterns compiled all at once.

	* src/search.c: include "error.h" and "xalloc.h" to get prototyping
	of x*alloc() and error().
	(kwsinit): Reverse to previous behaviour and takes no argument.
	(kwsmusts): Likewised.
	(Gcompile): For the regex pattern, split them and each pattern
	is put in different compiled structure patterns[]. The patterns
	are given to dfacomp() and kwsmusts() as is.
	(Ecompile): Likewised.
	(Fcompile): Reverse to the old behaviour of compiling the enire
	patterns in one shot.
	(EGexecute): If falling to GNU regex for the matching, loop in the
	array of compile patterns[] to find a match.
	(error): Many error () were call with arguments in the wrong order.
	* tests/ Simple test to check for pattern in files.

	Reaction to bug report fired by Greg Louis 

2001-03-06  Isamu Hasegawa

	In multibyte environments, handle multibyte characters as single
	characters in bracket expressions.

	* src/dfa.h (mb_char_classes) : new structure.
	(mbcsets): new variable.
	(nmbcsets): new variable.
	(mbcsets_alloc) : new variable.
	* src/dfa.c (prtok) : handle MBCSET.
	(fetch_wc): new function to fetch a wide character.
	(parse_bracket_exp_mb) : new function to handle multibyte character
	in lex().
	(lex): invoke parse_bracket_exp_mb() for multibyte bracket expression.
	(atom): handle MBCSET.
	(epsclosure): likewise.
	(dfaanalyze): likewise.
	(dfastate): likewise.
	(match_mb_charset): new function to judge whether a bracket match
	with a multibyte character.
	(check_matching_with_multibyte_ops) : handle MBCSET.
	(dfainit): initialize new variables.
	(dfafree): free new variables.

2001-03-04  Alain Magloire

	To get more in sync with other GNU utilities like GNU tar and fetish
	all the supporting functions are now under lib.
	Thanks to Jim Meyering, Volkert Bochert and Paul Eggert for
	the code and the reminders.

	* src/grep.c (fatal): Function removed, using error () from
	lib/error.c instead.
	(usage): Copyright updated.
	(error): Function removed, using error () from lib/error.c instead,
	adjust prototypes.
	(prog): Global variable rename to program_name, to work with new
	(xrealloc): Removed using lib/xmalloc.c.
	(xmalloc): Removed using lib/xmalloc.c
	(main): Register with atexit() to check for error on stdout.
	* Check for atexit(), call jm_MALLOC, jm_RELLOC and
	* tests/bre.awk: Removed the hack to drain the buffer since we
	always fclose(stdout) atexit.
	* tests/ere.awk: Likewise.
	* tests/spencer1.awk: Likewise.
	* bootstrap/Makefile.try: Update the Makefile to reflect the changes
	in the new hierarchy.

	* README-alpha: New File.
	* m4/realloc.m4: New File.
	* m4/malloc.m4: New File.
	* m4/error.m4: New File.
	* m4/ Updated.
	* lib: New directory.
	* lib/ New file.
	* lib/closeout.c: New file.
	* lib/closeout.h: New file.
	* lib/fnmatch.c: New file.
	* lib/fnmatch.h: New file.
	* lib/atexit.c: New file.
	* lib/error.c: New file.
	* lib/error.h: New file.
	* lib/quotearg.h: New file.
	* lib/quotearg.c: New file.
	* lib/xmalloc.c: New file.
	* lib/posix: New directory.
	* lib/posix/ New file.
	* src/getopt.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/getopt1.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/getopt.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/alloca.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/exclude.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/exclude.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/hard-locale.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/hard-locale.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/isdir.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/mechr.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/obstack.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/obstack.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/regex.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/regex.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/posix: Moved to lib.
	* src/posix/regex.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/savedir.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/savedir.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/stpcpy.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/strtoul.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/strtol.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/strtoull.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/strtoumax.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/xstrtol.c: Moved to lib.
	* src/xstrtol.h: Moved to lib.
	* src/xstrtoumax.c: Moved to lib.

2001-03-01  Isamu Hasegawa

	Implement the mechanism to match with multibyte characters,
	and use it for `period' in multibyte environments.

	* dfa.h (mbps): new variable.
	* dfa.c (prtok): handle ANYCHAR.
	(lex): use ANYCHAR for `period' in multibyte environments.
	(atom): handle ANYCHAR.
	(state_index): initialize mbps in multibyte environments.
	(epsclosure): handle ANYCHAR.
	(dfaanalyze): handle ANYCHAR.
	(dfastate): handle ANYCHAR.
	(realloc_trans_if_necessary): new function.
	(transit_state_singlebyte): new function.
	(match_anychar): new function.
	(check_matching_with_multibyte_ops): new function.
	(transit_state_consume_1char): new function.
	(transit_state): new function.
	(dfaexec): invoke transit_state if expression can match with
	a multibyte character in multibyte environments.
	(dfamust): handle ANYCHAR.

2001-03-01  Alain Magloire

	* src/exclude.c: New file.
	* src/exclude.h: New file.
	* src/grep.c (main): Took the GNU tar code to handle
	the option --include, --exclude, --exclude-from.
	Files are check for a match, with exlude_filename ().
	New option --exclude-from.
	* src/savedir.c: Call exclude_filename() to check for
	file pattern exclusion or inclusion.
	* --disable-pcre rename to --disable-perl-regexp.

2001-02-25  Alain Magloire

	* src/dfa.c: Typo corrected.
	Noted by Isamu Hasegawa.
	* src/savedir.c: Typos corrected.

2001-02-22  Alain Magloire

	* src/savedir.c (isdir1): New function, calling isdir with
	the correct pathname.

2001-02-19  Isamu Hasegawa

	Avoid incorrect state transition in multibyte environments.

	* dfa.h (nmultibyte_prop): new variable.
	(multibyte_prop): new variable.
	* dfa.c (addtok): set inputwcs.
	(dfastate): avoid incorrect state transition in multibyte
	(dfaexec): likewise.
	(dfainit): init multibyte_prop.
	(dfafree): free multibyte_prop.
	(inputwcs): new variable.

2001-02-19  Isamu Hasegawa

	Handle a multibyte character followed by '*', '+', and '{n,m}'

	* dfa.c (update_mb_len_index): new function.
	Support for multibyte string.
	(FETCH): call update_mb_len_index.
	(lex): check cur_mb_index not to misunderstand multibyte characters.
	(atom): make a tree from a multibyte character.
	(dfaparse): initialize new variables.
	(mbs): new variable.
	(cur_mb_len): new variable.
	(cur_mb_index): new variable.

2001-02-18  Jim Meyering

	* m4/dosfile.m4 (AC_DOSFILE): Move AC_DEFINEs out of AC_CACHE_CHECK.

2001-02-17  Alain Malgoire

	* doc/grep.texi: Document the new options and the new behaviour
	back-references are local.  Use excerpt from Karl Berry regex

	* bootstrap/Makefile.try: Added xstrtoumax.o xstrtoul.o hard-local.o

2001-02-17  Alain Magloire

	From Guglielmo 'bond' Bondioni :
	The bug was that using a multi line file that contained REs (one per
	line), backreferences in the REs were considered global (to the file)
	and not local (to the line).
	That is, \1 in line n refers to the first \(.\) in the whole file,
	rather than in the line itself.

	From Tapani Tarvainen :
	# Re: grep -e '\(a\)\1' -e '\(b\)\1'
	That's not the way it should work: multiple -e arguments
	should be treated as independent patterns and back references
	should not refer to previous ones.

	From Paul Eggert :
	GNU grep currently does not issue
	diagnostics for the following two cases, both of which are erroneous:
	grep -e '[' -e ']'
	grep '[
	POSIX requires a diagnostic in both cases because '[' is not a valid
	regular expression.

	To overcome those problems, grep no longer pass the concatenate
	patterns to GNU regex but rather compile each patterns separately
	and keep the result in an array.

	* src/search.c (patterns): New global variable; a structure array
	holding the compiled patterns.
	Declare function prototypes to minimize error.
	(dfa, kswset, regexbuf, regs): Removed, no longer static globals, but
	rather fields in patterns[] structure per motif.
	(Fcompile): Alloc an entry in patterns[] to hold the regex.
	(Ecompile): Alloc an entry per motif in the patterns[] array.
	(Gcompile): Likewise.
	(EGexecute): Loop through of array of patterns[] for a match.

2001-02-17  Alain Magloire

	From Bernd Strieder :
	# tail -f logfile | grep important | do_something_urgent
	# tail -f logfile | grep important | do_something_taking_very_long
	If grep does full buffering in these cases then the urgent operation
	does not happen as it should in the first case, and in the second case
	time is lost due to waiting for the buffer to be filled.
	This is clearly spoken not grep's fault in the first place, but libc's.
	There is a heuristic in libc that make a stream line-buffered only if a
	terminal is on the other end. This doesn't take care of the cases where
	this connection is somehow indirect.

	* src/grep.c (line_buffered): new option variable.
	(prline): if line_buffered is set fflush() is call.
	(usage): line_buffered new option.
	Input from Paul Eggert, doing setvbuf() may not be portable
	and breaks grep -z.

2001-02-16  Alain Magloire

	Patch from Isamu Hasegawa, for multibyte support.
	This patch prevent kwset_matcher from following problems.
	For example, in SJIS encoding, one character has the codepoint 0x895c.
	So the second byte of the character can match with '\' incorrectly.
	And in eucJP encoding, there are the characters whose codepoints are
	0xa5b9, 0xa5c8.  On the other hand, there is one character whose
	codepoint is 0xb9a5.  So 0xb9a5 can match with 2nd byte of 0xa5b9
	and 1st byte of 0xa5c8.

	* Add check for mbrtowc.
	* src/search.c (check_multibyte_string): new function.
	Support for multibyte string.
	(EGexecute): call check_multibyte_string when kwset is set.
	(Fexecute): call to check_multibyte_string.
	(MBS_SUPPORT): new macro.
	(MB_CUR_MAX): new macro.

2001-02-16  Alain Magloire

	* djgpp/config.bat: Fix for
	* m4/dosfile.m4 (HAVE_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS): Was not set.
	Bugs noted and patched by Juan Manuel Guerrero.

2001-02-16  Alain Magloire

	A much requested feature, the possibility to select
	files when doing recurse :
	# find . -name "*.c" | xargs grep main {}
	# grep --include=*.c main .
	# find . -not -name "*.c" | xargs grep main {}
	# grep --exclude=*.c main .

	* src/grep.c (short_options): -R equivalent to -r.
	(#ifdef) : Fix some inconsistencies in the use of #ifdefs, prefer
	#if defined() wen possible.
	(long_options): Add --color, --include and exclude.
	(Usage): Description of new options.
	(color): Rename color variable to color_option.
	Removed 'always|never|auto' arguments, not necessary for grep.
	(exclude_pattern): new variable, holder for the file pattern.
	(include_pattern): new variable, hoder for the file pattern.
	* src/savedir.c: Signature change, take two new argmuments.
	* doc/grep.texi: Document, new options.
	* doc/ Document, new options.

2001-02-09  Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c (long_options): Added equivalent to -r with -R.
	* src/grep.c (usage): added --color and --colour.
	Noted with patch from, H.Merijn Brand and Wichert Akkerman.

2001-02-09  Alain Magloire

	Patch from Ulrich Drepper to provide hilighting.

	* src/grep.c: New option --color.
	(color): New static var.
	(COLOR_OPTION): new constant.
	(grep_color): new static var.
	(prline): Now when color is set prline() will call the current matcher
	to find the offset of the matching string.
	* src/savedir.c: Take advantage of _DIRENT_HAVE_TYPE if supported.
	* src/search.c (EGexecute, Fexecute, Pexecute): Take a new argument
	when doing exact match for the color hiligting.

2000-09-01  Brian Youmans

	* doc/grep.texi: Typo fixes.

2000-08-30  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.texi (Usage): Talk about what "grep -r hello *.c"

2000-08-20  Paul Eggert

	Handle range expressions correctly even when they match
	strings with two or more characters.

	* src/dfa.h (CRANGE): New enum value.  Comment fix.

	* src/dfa.c: Include  if HAVE_SETLOCALE.
	Include "hard-locale.h".
	(prtok): Print CRANGE.
	(hard_LC_COLLATE): New static var.
	(lex): Return CRANGE when parsing a character range in a hard locale.
	Don't use strcoll; it's no longer needed and wasn't correct anyway.
	Use unsigned rather than token to hold unsigned chars.
	(addtok): Comment fix.
	(atom): Treat a CRANGE as if it were (.\1), approximately.
	(dfaparse): Initialize hard_LC_COLLATE.

	* src/ (base_sources): Add hard-locale.c, hard-locale.h.

	* src/hard-locale.c, src/hard-locale.h: New files, taken from

2000-08-20  Paul Eggert

	* tests/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Add LC_ALL=C, since
	some of the tests assume the C locale.

2000-08-16  Paul Eggert

	* src/search.c (Gcompile, Ecompile): -x overrides -w, for
	consistency with fgrep.  Don't assume that sizes fit in 'int'.
	Fix comments to match code.

2000-06-06  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (grepdir): Don't look at st_dev when testing for
	Mingw32 bug.

2000-06-05  Paul Eggert

	Port to Mingw32, based on suggestions from Christian Groessler

	* src/isdir.c: New file, taken from fileutils.

	* src/ (base_sources): Add isdir.c.

	* src/grep.c (grepfile): Use isdir instead of doing it inline.
	(grepdir): Suppress ancestor check if the directory's inode and device
	are both zero, as that occurs only on Mingw32 which doesn't support
	inode or device.

	* src/system.h (isdir): New decl.
	(is_EISDIR): Depend on HAVE_DIR_EACCES_BUG, not D_OK.
	Use isdir, not access.

2000-06-02  Paul Eggert

	Problen noted by Gerald Stoller 

	* src/grep.c (main): POSIX.2 says that -q overrides -l, which
	in turn overrides the other output options.  Fix grep to
	behave that way.

2000-05-27  Paul Eggert

	Simplify and tune the buffer allocation strategy.  Do not reserve a
	large save area: reserve only enough bytes to hold the residue, plus
	page alignment.  Put a newline sentinel before the buffer, for speed
	when searching backwards for newline.

	* src/grep.c (ubuffer, bufsalloc, PREFERRED_SAVE_FACTOR, page_alloc):
	Remove.  All uses changed.
	(INITIAL_BUFSIZE): New macro.
	(reset, fillbuf): Use simpler buffer allocation strategy.
	(reset): Check for preposterously large pagesize that would cause
	later calculations to overflow.
	(fillbuf): Do not resize buffer if there's room at the end for
	at least one more page.  This greatly increases performance when
	reading from non-regular files that contain no newlines.
	When growing the buffer, double its size instead of using a
	more complicated algorithm.
	(prtext, grep): Speed up by relying on the newline sentinel before the
	start of the buffer.
	(grep): When looking backwards for the last newline in a buffer,
	stop when we hit the residue, since it can't contain a newline.
	This avoids an O(N**2) algorithm when reading binary data from
	a pipe.  Use a sentinel to speed up the backward search for newline.
	(nlscan): Undo previous change; it wasn't needed and just complicates
	and slows down the code a tad.

2000-05-24  Paul Eggert

	Handle very large input counts better. Bug noted by Jim Meyering.

	* src/grep.c (totalcc, totalnl): Use uintmax_t, not off_t.
	(add_count): New function.
	(nlscan, prline, grep): Use it to check line and byte count overflows.
	(nlscan, grep): Don't keep track of counts when not asked to; this
	avoids unnecessary overflow diagnostics.
	(print_offset_sep): Now takes args of type uintmax_t and char,
	not off_t and int.

2000-05-16  Paul Eggert

	Problem reported by Bob Proulx , this patch
	is base on his finding, with appropiate corrections.

	* src/grep.c (main): Fix bug: -x and -w matched even when no
	patterns were specified.
	* tests/ Test for -x and -w bug in grep 2.4.2.

2000-04-24  Paul Eggert

	POSIX.2 conformance fixes: grep -q now exits with status zero
	if an input line is selected, even if an error also occurs.
	grep -s no longer affects exit status.

	* src/grep.c (suppress_errors): Move definition earlier so
	that suppressible_error can use it.
	(suppressible_error): New function.
	(exit_on_match): New var.
	(grepbuf): If exit_on_match is nonzero, exit with status zero
	(grep, grepfile, grepdir): Invoke suppressible_error.
	(main): -q sets exit_on_match.

	* doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi, NEWS:
	Document -q's behavior as required by POSIX.2.

	* tests/
	Test for -q and -s behavior as conforming to POSIX.2.

2000-04-20  Paul Eggert

	Set GREP_OPTIONS to the empty string.

2000-04-20  Paul Eggert

	* tests/ Fix typo: test -b -> test -r.

2000-04-20  Paul Eggert

	* src/dfa.c (lex):
	Do not assume that [c] is equivalent to [c-c]; this isn't true
	if LC_COLLATE specifies that some characters are equivalent.
	(setbit_case_fold): New function.
	(lex): Use it to simplify the code a bit.

2000-04-17  Paul Eggert

	Do CRLF munging only if HAVE_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS, instead of
	having it depend on O_BINARY (which leads to incorrect results
	on BeOS, VMS, and MacOS).

	* bootstrap/Makefile.try (DEFS): Add -DHAVE_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS.
	* src/system.h (SET_BINARY): Define only if HAVE_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS.
	(O_BINARY): Do not define.

	* m4/dosfile.m4: Define HAVE_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS if it appears we're
	using DOS.

	* src/grep.c (undossify_input, fillbuf, dosbuf.c, prline, main):
	Depend on HAVE_DOS_FILE_CONTENTS, not O_BINARY, when handling CRLF
	(grepfile, main): Depend on SET_BINARY, not O_BINARY, when
	handling binary files on hosts that care about text versus binary.

2000-04-17  Paul Eggert

	* lib/getpagesize.h (getpagesize): Define to B_PAGE_SIZE if
	__BEOS__ is defined.  Based on a fix by Bruno Haible

2000-04-17  Bruno Haible

	* src/system.h [BeOS]: Ignore O_BINARY.
	* src/getpagesize.h [BeOS]: Define getpagesize() as B_PAGE_SIZE.

2000-04-10  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi, NEWS: -C now requires an operand.
	* src/grep.c (short_options, long_options, main, usage): Likewise.
	(context_length_arg): Renamed from ck_atoi.  Now reports an error
	and exits if the number is out of range for a context length.
	(get_nondigit_option): New function, which checks for overflow
	correctly, and which does not parse nonadjacent strings of digits
	into a single number.
	(main): Use get_nondigit_option instead of doing the code inline.
	With -A, -B, and -C, optarg is now guaranteed to be nonzero.

2000-04-08  Paul Eggert

	Now that we know that the input is always terminated by a
	newline before the matching algorithms see it, clean up the
	matching algorithms so that they no longer need to modify the
	input by inserting a sentinel newline, and no longer worry
	about running off the end of the buffer due to a missing sentinel.

	* src/grep.c (nlscan, prpending, prtext, grepbuf): Do not
	worry about running off the end of the input buffer, since
	it's now guaranteed to end in the sentinel newline.
	* src/search.c (EGexecute, Pexecute): Likewise.

	* src/dfa.c (prtok, dfasyntax, dfaparse, copy, merge, state_index,
	epsclosure, dfaexec, dfacomp):
	Change many instances of "T *" to "T const *", to catch
	any inadvertent programming errors made during this conversion.
	* src/dfa.h (dfacomp, dfaexec, dfaparse): Likewise.
	* src/grep.c (struct stats.parent, long_options, grepdir,
	compile, execute, fillbuf, lastnl, lastout, nlscan, prline,
	prpending, prtext, grepbuf, grep, grepfile, grepdir): Likewise.
	* src/grep.h (struct matcher.compile, struct matcher.execute):
	* src/kwset.c (struct kwset.trans, kwsalloc, kwsincr, treefails,
	treedelta, hasevery, treenext, bmexec, cwexec, kwsexec): Likewise.
	* src/kwset.h (kwsalloc, kwsincr, kwsexec): Likewise.
	* src/search.c (kwsmusts, Gcompile, Ecompile, EGexecute, Pcompile,
	Pexecute): Likewise.

	* src/dfa.c (dfaexec):
	Use size_t, not char *, to avoid worrisome casts to convert
	char const * to char *.
	* src/dfa.h (dfaexec): Likewise.
	* src/grep.c (execute): Likewise.
	* src/grep.h (execute): Likewise.
	* src/kwset.c (bmexec, cwexec, kwsexec): Likewise.
	* src/kwset.h (struct kwsmatch.offset, kwsalloc, kwsincr,
	kwsexec): Likewise.
	* src/search.c (EGexecute, Fexecute, Pexecute): Likewise.

	* src/dfa.h (_PTR_T): Depend on defined __STDC__, not __STDC__.
	(PARAMS): Depend on PROTOTYPES, not __STDC__.

	* src/dfa.c (dfasyntax): Last arg is unsigned char, not int.
	* src/dfa.h (dfasyntax): Likewise.

	* src/dfa.h (struct dfa): Remove member newlines; no longer needed.
	* src/dfa.c (build_state, dfaexec, dfafree): Do not worry
	about special newline state.

	* src/search.c (matchers): Move definition to end of file, so
	that we don't need forward decls.
	(lastexact): Remove.
	(kwset_exact_matches): New var; subsumes old lastexact var.
	All uses changed.

	* src/dfa.c (index): Remove macro.
	(REALLOC_IF_NECESSARY): Skip unnecessary test.
	(tstbit, setbit, clrbit): Declare arg to be unsigned, to help compiler.
	(copyset, zeroset, equal): Use C builtin primitives, to help compiler.
	(dfaexec): Do not modify input string.
	Remove newline parameter; no longer needed.
	(comsubs): Use strchr, not index.

	* src/grep.h (matchers): Use fixed name size, not pointer (as
	there's no need for the extra flexibility).  All uses changed.

	* src/kwset.h (struct kwsmatch.offset): Renamed from beg, with
	change of type to size_t.  All uses changed.

	* src/grep.c (reset): No longer need kludge for dfaexec.  Simplify.
	(reset, grepbuf): Adjust to new interface for 'execute'.
	(install_matcher): List is now terminated by null compile,
	not null name.
	Do not invoke setrlimit if that wouldn't change the limit.

	* src/dfa.c (xcalloc, xmalloc, xrealloc, prtok, tstbit, setbit,
	clrbit, copyset, zeroset, notset, equal, charclass_index,
	looking_at, lex, addtok, atom, nsubtoks, copytoks, closure,
	branch, regexp, copy, insert, merge, delete, state_index,
	build_state, build_state_zero, icatalloc, icpyalloc, istrstr,
	ifree, freelist, enlist, comsubs, addlists, inboth):
	Remove forward decls; no longer needed.
	* src/grep.c (ck_atoi, usage, error, setmatcher,
	install_matcher, prepend_args, prepend_default_options,
	page_alloc, reset, fillbuf, grepbuf, prtext, prpending, prline,
	print_offset_sep, nlscan, grep, grepfile): Likewise.
	* src/kwset.c (enqueue, treefails, treedelta, hasevery,
	treenext, bmexec, cwexec): Likewise.
	* src/search.c (Gcompile, Ecompile, EGexecute, Fcompile, Fexecute,
	Pcompile, Pexecute, kwsinit): Likewise.

	* src/search.c (Pcompile): Do not assume newly allocated
	storage is zeroed.

2000-04-06  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi, NEWS: Improve the explanation of
	locale-dependent behavior of range expressions.  Mention
	LC_COLLATE, since this affects range expressions.

2000-03-26  Paul Eggert

	* (ACINCLUDE_INPUTS): Add decl.m4, inttypes_h.m4,
	uintmax_t.m4, ulonglong.m4, xstrtoumax.m4.
	* m4/ (EXTRA_DIST): Likewise.

	* src/ (base_sources):
	Add xstrtol.c, xstrtol.h, xstrtoumax.c.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add strtol.c.

	(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Add strtoul.

	* src/grep.c: Include xstrtol.h.
	(ck_atio): Use xstrtoumax and do proper overflow checking.
	(max_count, outleft): Now off_t, not int.
	(main): Likewise. Use xstrtoumax to convert max_count from string.

	* acconfig.h (HAVE_DECL_STRTOUL, HAVE_DECL_STRTOULL): New #undefs.

	* m4/decl.m4, m4/inttypes_h.m4, m4/uintmax_t.m4, m4/ulonglong.m4,
	m4/xstrtoumax.m4, src/strtol.c, src/strtoul.c, src/strtoull.c,
	src/strtoumax.c, src/xstrtol.c, src/xstrtol.h, src/xstrtoumax.c:
	New files, taken unchanged from textutils, fileutils, sh-utils
	and/or tar.

2000-03-23  Paul Eggert

	* src/search.c (Pcompile): Add support for NUL bytes in
	Perl regular expressions.

2000-03-23  Paul Eggert

	* NEWS, doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi: Change --pcre to --perl-regexp.
	* src/grep.c (long_options, usage): Likewise.

	* doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi: Remove pgrep program.
	* src/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Likewise.
	(pgrep_SOURCES): Remove.

	* src/grep.c (main): Rename matcher from "pgrep" to "perl".
	* src/search.c (matchers): Likewise.

	* src/search.c: Do not include stdio.h; no longer needed.
	(NILP): Remove.
	(sub): No longer static.
	(n_pcre): Remove.
	(cre): No longer an array.  Present only if HAVE_LIBPCRE.
	(extra): New variable.
	(Pcompile): Use fatal to report errors.
	This also removes a possible core dump.
	Add checks (marked FIXME) for restrictions in pcre.
	Use pcre_maketables for proper localized behavior.
	(Pcompile, Pexecute): Use GNU coding style.
	The argument is a single pattern, not a list of patterns separated
	by newlines; this is for consistency with grep and egrep.
	Use pcre_study for speed.
	(Pexecute): Abort if we lack pcre.
	Abort if pcre_exec reports an impossible error.
	Use code similar to the rest of search.c
	to narrow down to the line we've found.

2000-03-21  Alain Magloire

	* added AC_CHECK_LIB(pcre, pcre_exec)
	* ChangeLog: Typos corrected.
	* src/search.c: new MACRO HAVE_LIBPCRE

2000-03-21  H.Merijn Brand

	* src/ added pgrep and new macro
	* src/search.c: new functions Pcompile() and Pexecute()
	to support PCRE.  Update matcher[] array for pgrep.
	* src/grep.c: new short and long option --pcre and -P.
	usage() updated.

2000-03-21  Bastiaan Stougie

	Improvement of the -m or --max-count option. Now works for NUM > 1 and
	prints trailing context for the last matching line.

	* src/grep.c
	(after_last_match): Is a new off_t variable that replaces inputhwm
	to retain the correct input offset even after a call to fillbuf. Note
	that after_last_match has a different meaning than inputhwm:
	it always points to the offset in the input of the first byte after
	the last matching line, and is 0 if no matching line has been found
	(grep): Print trailing context after the NUMth match when the -m NUM
	option is used.
	(grep): Added comment. Should have been commented already.
	(grepbuf): Now updates outleft correctly. This fixes the bug that the
	-m NUM option did not stop after NUM lines for NUM greater than 1.
	(grepbuf, prtext): Now update after_last_match instead of inputhwm.
	(fillbuf): No longer updates inputhwm.
	(prpending): When outputting trailing context of the max_count-th
        matching line, stop at the first matching line.
	(grepfile): Seek to after_last_match or eof, depending on the values
        of outleft and bufmapped.
	(usage): added the -m or --max-count option to the help message.
	* doc/grep.texi, doc/grep.1: Document the change of the -m option.

2000-03-17  Paul Eggert

	Add new -m or --max-count option, based on a suggestion by
	Bastiaan Stougie.

	* doc/grep.texi, doc/grep.1: Document it.
	* src/grep.c (short_options, long_options, main): Add it.
	(inputhwm): New variable.
	(fillbuf, prtext, grepbuf): Set it.
	(bufmapped): Now a macro (defined to zero) if HAVE_MMAP is not defined.
	(max_count, outleft): New variables.
	(prtext, grepbuf, grep): Don't output more than outleft lines.
	(grepfile): If grepping standard input, seek to the limit of what
	we've read before exiting.  This fixes a bug with mmapped input,
	and is needed for proper -m support.
	(main): Exit immediately if -m 0 is specified.

2000-03-08  Alain Magloire

	* version 2.4.2

2000-03-07  Paul Eggert

	* Make intl subdirectory match fileutils, tar, etc.;
	see intl/ChangeLog for details.

	* src/getpagesize.h: Reformat to match latest fileutils.

	* src/savedir.c (savedir): Work even if directory size is
	negative; this can happen with some NFS screwups.

2000-03-03  Jim Meyering

	* regex.m4: Make sure re_compile_pattern accepts patterns like `{1'.

2000-03-02  Alain Magloire

	* 2.4.1 Release

2000-02-25  Paul Eggert

	* (LIBOBJS): Work around automake 1.4 bug:
	regex.c wasn't being passed through ansi2knr on pre-ANSI hosts.
	(ac_use_included_regex): Fix typo in warning.
	* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove regex.c, as the LIBOBJS
	workaround means that automake now puts regex.c into DIST_COMMON.

2000-02-25  Alain Magloire

	* po/*.po: update of the PO files.

2000-02-22  Eli Zaretskii

	* doc/grep.1:  Two small glitches(typos).

2000-02-18  Eli Zaretskii

	* djgpp/ (prefix, INSTALL): Use /dev/env/DJDIR instead
	of ${DJDIR}, so that the produced Makefile's work on any DJGPP

2000-01-30 Alain Magloire

	* doc/grep.1:  corrected typo.
	Noted by Ruslan Ermilov.

2000-01-30 Alain Magloire

	* vms/ added config_vms.h to EXTRA_DIST.
	* vms/config_vms.h: New File, contains macros specific to VMS and
	avoid namespace collision with operating system supplied C library.
	* vms/ Better compiler auto-detection; information for builds
	on pre-OpenVMS 7.x systems; general overhaul.
	* src/getpagesize.h: Reinstate support for different pagesizes on
	VAX and Alpha. Work around problem with DEC C compiler.
	* src/vms_fab.c: Cast to some assigments; fixed typo argcp vs. argp.
	* src/vms_fab.h: Added new include files to avoid warnings about
	undefined function prototypes.
	Those patches were provided by Martin P.J. Zinser (

2000-01-30  Paul Eggert

        * src/grep.c (main): Update copyright notice.

2000-01-28  Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c (usage):  The example "%s -i 'hello.*world' could
	lead to confusion when progname is 'fgrep.
	Noted by Akim Demaille.

	* Reenable, jm_INCLUDE_REGEX() since we now
	track GNU lib C.
	* src/ EXTRA_DIST new macros with regex.c regex.h.
	Requested By Ulrich Drepper.

2000-01-25  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (grep): If the final byte of an input file is not
	a newline, grep now silently supplies one.
	* doc/grep.texi, NEWS: Likewise.

2000-01-25  Paul Eggert

	* NEWS, doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi: Add -I option.
	* src/grep.c (short_options, usage, main): Likewise.

	* doc/grep.texi: Fix some incorrect references to ASCII.

2000-01-25  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.1: Simplify synopsis; sort options; mention
	environment variables; clean up some minor gaffes.

2000-01-25  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.texi:
	Fix some errors in description of [:print:] and the like.

2000-01-23  Paul Eggert

	* src/dfa.c (FETCH, lex): Put brackets around if-body to avoid
	GCC warning about ambiguous if-then-else.

2000-01-23  Paul Eggert

	* src/regex.c (GET_UNSIGNED_NUMBER): Allow only ASCII digits.
	* src/dfa.c (ISASCIIDIGIT): New macro.
	(lex): Use it instead of ISDIGIT.

2000-01-23  Paul Eggert

	The bug is that regular expression ranges like [a-z] compare raw
	byte codes to the range boundaries, whereas POSIX says that they
	should use the current collating sequence instead.  For example,
	in Solaris 7 with LC_ALL=en_US, the command
	echo x | grep '[ -~]'
	outputs 'x', but it shouldn't output anything since ' ' and '~'
	sort before all letters in that locale.

	* src/regex.c (compile_range): When matching a character
	range, use the current collating sequence, as POSIX requires.
	* src/dfa.c (lex): Likewise.

2000-01-20  Alain Magloire

	* tests/ (dist-hook): Added new rule to make sure
	that the shell scripts have the right permissions.
	* src/posix/ (EXTRA_DIST): added regex.h in the
	* THANKS: updated.

2000-01-18  Alain Magloire

	* Rectification the initial patch to add --binary-file option
	was done by Ruslan Ermilov.

2000-01-17  Paul Eggert

	Sync with sources of fileutils 4.0n, tar 1.13.17, glibc 2.1.3a1.
	Convert to ANSI C prototypes (using ansi2knr for backwards
	compatibility), as this makes it easier to sync.

	* (AC_OBJEXT): Spell in a funny way, to work around
	a bug in automake 1.4 with ansi2knr.
	(LIBOBJS): Add assignment so that .o files in LIBOBJS are also built
	via the ANSI2KNR-filtering rules.
	(AC_OUTPUT): Add src/posix/Makefile.
	* src/ (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Add ansi2knr.
	(SUBDIRS): New macro.
	* src/ansi2knr.1, src/ansi2knr.c, src/posix/ New files.
	* src/dfa.c, src/dosbuf.c, src/grep.c, src/kwset.c, src/search.c,
	Use prototypes for function definitions.
	* src/grep.c (main): Use int counter for default context,
	fixing an ANSI portability bug uncovered by the above changes.

	* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh, missing, src/alloca.c,
	src/getpagesize.h, src/memchr.c, src/savedir.c, src/savedir.h,
	Upgrade to latest version from fileutils 4.0n.

	* src/getopt.c, src/getopt.h, src/getopt1.c: Upgrade to latest
	version from tar 1.13.17.

	* src/obstack.c, src/obstack.h, src/regex.c, src/regex.h:
	Upgrade to glibc 2.1.3 alpha 1, with K&R C portability fix.
	* src/posix/regex.h: New file, from glibc 2.1.3 alpha 1.

2000-01-04  Paul Eggert

	Initial patch by Ruslan Ermilov.

	Add --binary-files option.
	* NEWS, doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi: Document it.
	* src/grep.c (BINARY_FILES_OPTION): New constant.
	(long_options, grep, usage, main): New --binary-files option.
	(binary_files): New var.
	New macros.
	(INT_MAX, UCHAR_MAX): Define in terms of TYPE_MAXIMUM.

2000-01-04  Paul Eggert

	* savedir.c (savedir): Don't store past the end of an array if
	name_size is zero and the directory is empty.
	Reported by Dima Barsky .

1999-12-03  Alain Magloire

	* 2.4 Release.

1999-11-18  Paul Eggert

	* m4/largefile.m4 (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE_FLAGS): Work around a
	problem with the QNX 4.25 shell, which doesn't propagate exit
	status of failed commands inside shell assignments.

1999-11-13  Eli Zaretskii

	* doc/grep.texi: Minor markup and spelling corrections.  Use
	@noindent where appropriate.

	* PATCHES-{AM,AC}: rename to PATCHES.{AM,AC}

1999-11-12  Eli Zaretskii

	doc/grep.texi: Minor fixes and typos corrected.
	djgpp/README: Updated version.

1999-11-07  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (usage): Fix misspelling.

1999-11-07  Paul Eggert

	Don't assume that the C library has re_set_syntax and friends.
	* src/ (base_sources): Add regex.c, regex.h.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Remove regex.c, regex.h.

	* src/grep.c (prtext): Use out_quiet, not not_text, to decide
	whether to set pending to zero at the end.
	(not_text): Remove static variable, undoing latest change.
	(grep): Likewise.

	* doc/grep.texi: Tighten up the text, and fix some minor
	spelling and usage errors.  Use @enumerate rather than @table
	@samp, since it's better for Q&A format.  Add cross

1999-11-01 Alain Magloire

	* src/search.c: Use the more portable [[:alnum:]]
	to define a word instead of Ascii dependent [0-9A-Za-z]
	* src/grep.c: make not_text global to not display text when
	the context switches -A/-B/-C are use on binary files.
	* make grep-2.3g available for testing.
	* drop support for --without-included-regex.
	This was generating bogus bug reports, since many GNU/Linux
	users have different version of glibc.  And glibc maintainers
	decided to drop k&r support.

1999-11-01 Arnold D. Robbins

	* regex.c (init_syntax_once): move below definition of
	ISALNUM etc., then use ISALNUM to init the table, so that
	the word ops will work if i18n'ed.
	(SYNTAX): And subscript with 0xFF for Latin-1 characters.

1999-10-26  Alain Magloire

	* src/regex.c: Merge changes from GNU lib C.
	* Updated the *.po files

1999-10-26  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (fillbuf): Don't report buffer size overflow if
	newalloc == save and maxalloc == save.  This can happen
	e.g. when reading a large page-aligned file that contains
	no newlines.

1999-10-21  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (usage): Give example.  Clarify -F.
	Explain exit status more clearly.

1999-10-12  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.texi: Shorten the commentary about egrep and {.
	"BSD grep" -> "traditional grep".
	* doc/grep.1: Match recent changes to grep.texi.

1999-10-11  Paul Eggert

	* NEWS, doc/grep.1, doc/grep.texi: New option --mmap.
	* src/grep.c (mmap_option): New variable.
	(long_options, reset, usage): Add --mmap.
	Default is now read, not mmap.

	* doc/grep.1: Document -Z or --null.

1999-10-11  Paul Eggert

	* doc/grep.texi: Fix texinfo glitches.  POSIX -> POSIX.2 where

1999-10-11  Paul Eggert

	* acconfig.h (ssize_t): New #undef.

	* (AC_CHECK_TYPE): Add ssize_t.

	* src/grep.c (PREFERRED_SAVE_FACTOR): New macro.
	(reset): If the buffer has already been allocated, set bufsalloc to
	be bufalloc / PREFERRED_SAVE_FACTOR.  This avoids problems when
	bufsalloc == bufalloc (possible after reading a large binary file).
	(reset): Use PREFERRED_SAVE_FACTOR instead of magic constant.
	Do not set bufbeg; nobody uses it.
	Always set buflim.
	Check for lseek error.
	Use SEEK_CUR, not a magic constant.
	(fillbuf): Return an error indication, not a count.
	All callers changed.
	Do not assume ssize_t fits in int.
	Use PREFERRED_SAVE_FACTOR instead of magic constant.
	Clean up mmap code.
	Do not attempt to mmap zero bytes.
	Check for lseek error.
	Use SEEK_SET, not a magic constant.
	Work correctly if read is interrupted.
	(grepfile): Work correctly if open or close is interrupted.

	* src/system.h (SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR): New macros.

1999-10-02 Alain Magloire

	* src/regex.[ch]: upgrade from GNU lib C source tree.

	* make beta 2.3f available.

1999-10-02  Paul Eggert

	* NEWS: egrep is now equivalent to `grep -E'.
	The lower bound of an interval is not optional.
	You can specify a matcher multiple types without error.
	-u and -U are now allowed on non-DOS hosts, and have no effect.
	* doc/grep.texi: Likewise.
	* doc/grep.1: Likewise.
	Fix some troff bugs that prevented `groff' from rendering the page.

	* src/egrepmat.c, src/fgrepmat.c, src/grepmat.c (default_matcher):
	(matcher): Add.
	* src/grep.h (default_matcher): Remove.
	(matcher): Now exported from ?grepmat.c, not grep.c.

	* src/dfa.c (lex): If { would start an invalid interval specification,
        treat it as a normal character.
        Remove (broken) support for {,M} meaning {0,M}.
        Diagnose bogus intervals like {1,0}.
        (closure): maxrep is now -1 to indicate no limit, not zero;
        zero is a valid value for maxrep, meaning an upper bound of zero.

	* src/grep.c (short_options): New constant.
	(long_options, main): -u and -U are now supported on Unix,
	with no effect.
	(matcher): Removed; now defined by ?grepmat.c.
	(install_matcher): Renamed from setmatcher.
	(setmatcher): New function.
	(usage): Report new, more uniform option scheme.
	(main): Do not initialize matcher; ?grepmat.c now does this.
	Rely on setmatcher to catch matcher conflicts.
	Default matcher is "grep".

	* src/search.c (matchers):
	Remove "posix-egrep" matcher; no longer needed.
	(Ecompile): Likewise.
	The egrep matcher now has POSIX behavior.

	* tests/bre.tests: grep '\{' is no longer an error.
	Fix test for interval too large, and enable it.
	* tests/ere.tests: grep -E {1 is no longer an error
	Likewise for a{1, a{1a, a{1a}, a{1,x}.

1999-09-22  Paul Eggert

	* largefile.m4 (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE_FLAGS): Work around GCC
	2.95.1 bug with HP-UX 10.20.

1999-09-12  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (fillbuf): Fix typo: we sometimes reported
	arithmetic overflow even when there wasn't any.

1999-09-12  Paul Eggert

	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add memmove.

	* src/system.h (S_ISREG): New macro.
	(memmove): Define if ! defined HAVE_MEMMOVE && ! defined memmove,
	not if !defined STDC_HEADERS.  This is needed for SunOS 4.1.4,
	which defines STDC_HEADERS but lacks memmove.

	* src/grep.c (bufoffset): Needed even if !defined HAVE_MMAP.
	(reset): Always fstat the file, since we always need its size if it is
	Similarly, get the buffer offset of every regular file.
	Set bufmapped to 0 if the file's initial offset is not a multiple
	of the page size.
	(fillbuf): Calculate an upper bound on how much memory we should
	allocate only for regular files, since we don't know the sizes of
	other files.
	Don't bother to check whether the file offset is a multiple of the page
	size, since we now do that just once in `reset'.
	When an mmapped area would fall past the end of the file, trim it to
	just before instead of giving up immediately and doing a `read';
	that avoids a worst-case behavior that could read half an mmapped file.
	Fix bug when computing offsets on hosts that don't have mmap.

1999-08-27  Paul Eggert

	* src/system.h (memmove): New macro.

	* src/grep.c (page_alloc): Reallocate the old buffer instead
	of having both old and new buffers active simultaneously.
	Remove valloc debugging variant, which no longer applies.

	(fillbuf): Rejigger the buffer allocation mechanism.  The old
	mechanism could allocate more than 10*N bytes for an N-byte
	file, which was excessive.  Check for arithmetic overflow a
	bit more carefully.

1999-08-25  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (grepdir):
	Don't assume that st_ino and st_dev must be integers;
	POSIX.1 allows them to be floating-point (!).

	* src/vms_fab.h (arr_ptr): `:' -> `;' to fix typo.

1999-08-18  Alain Magloire

	* 2.3e snapshot.

1999-08-18  Alain Magloire

	* src/search.c: On a CRAY J90 system running UNICOS 8.0.
	Compilation of ./src/search.c failed because the declaration of
	the variable "regex":
	  static struct re_pattern_buffer regex;
	conflicted with a previous declaration search.c #includes "system.h",
	which #includes , which declares :
        extern char *regex __((char *_Re, char *_Subject, ...));
	The declaration in search.c is local to that one source file.
	I just changed its name to something less likely to conflict.
	(I called it "regexbuf", but you could pick any name you want.)
	Excerpt email from Dean Kopesky.

1999-08-16  Paul Eggert

	Upgrade large-file support to the version used in tar and

	* (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): Define to be empty.
	($(srcdir)/acinclude.m4): New rule.

	(AC_SYS_LARGEFILE): Renamed from AC_LFS, for compatibility
	with what should appear in the next autoconf release.

	* m4/largefile.m4: Renamed from m4/lfs.m4.

	* src/ansi2knr.1, src/ansi2knr.c, config.guess, config.sub:
	New files.  config.guess and config.sub ar needed by the new
	AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.  ansi2knr is needed by AM_C_PROTOTYPES,
	which in turn is needed by the new AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.

1999-08-16  Alain Magloire

	* 2.3d snapshot on ftp server.

1999-07-26  Paul Eggert

Several GNU tools have options to process arbitrary file names, even
file names that contain newline characters.  These include `find
-print0', `perl -0', `sort -z', and `xargs -0'.  It'd be handy if GNU
grep also processed such file names.  Here's a proposed patch to do
this, relative to grep 2.3c.  This patch introduces two options, one
for the data, and one for the file names.  (Sometimes one wants
null-terminated file names in the output, and sometimes one wants to
process lists of null-terminated strings, and these are orthogonal

        * NEWS, doc/grep.texi: New -z or --null-data and -Z or --null options.
        * src/grep.c (long_options, usage, main): Likewise.

        * src/dfa.h (dfasyntax): New eol parameter.
        * src/dfa.c (eolbyte): New var.
        (dfasyntax): Set it from new parameter.
        (lex, dfastat, build_state, dfaexec): Use it instead of '\n'.

        * src/grep.h (eolbyte): New decl.
        * src/grep.c (eolbyte): New var.
        (nlscan, prpending, prtext, grepbuf, grep): Use it instead of '\n'.
        (filename_mask): New var.
        (prline, grepfile): Output NUL separator if filename_mask is zero.
        (grep): Look for '\200' as the hallmark of a binary file, not '\0',
        if -z or --null-data is specified, since it implies that '\0' is
        expected as text.

        * src/search.c (Gcompile, Ecompile): Pass eolbyte to dfasyntax.
        (EGexecute, Fexecute): Use eolbyte instead of '\n'.

1999-06-15 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c, doc/grep{1,texi} :
	--revert-match should be --invert-match.
	Correction proposed by Karl Berry.

1999-06-12 Alain Magloire

	* doc/grep.{1,texi}: add description for --with-filename.
	Noted missing by UEBAYASHI Masao.

1999-03-17 Paul Eggert


	* doc/grep.texi: Document GREP_OPTIONS, and the other
	environment variables.  Fix doc for [:blank:], [:cntrl:], [:punct:].

	* src/grep.c (prepend_args, prepend_default_options): New functions.
	(main): Use them to implement GREP_OPTIONS.
	* src/system.h (getenv): New decl.

1999-03-16 Volker Borchert

	* Use case case ... esac for  checking Visual C++.
	When ${CC} contains options it was not recognize.

1999-03-07 Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (usage): Don't report -E, -F, and -G unless we're grep.
	(main): Don't match options -E, -F, and -G unless we're grep.
	Remove after-the-fact check for options -E, -F, and -G, since
	they're no longer needed.

1999-03-05  Eli Zaretskii

	* src/grep.c (main): Print the name of the default matcher instead
	of just "grep".

1999-02-06 Alain Magloire

	* tests/*.awk : Linux users are seeing "Broken Pipe" on make check.
	The problem is that grep does not drain its stdin, thus the previous
	process in the pipeline receives a SIGPIPE.  Other shells are silent
	about this.  There is actually no failure, since the broken pipe is
	expected.  You can work around it by changing the pipeline, so that
	the input is drained, like this:
	status=`echo 'check' | { ${GREP} -E -e pattern >/dev/null 2>&1;
	echo $?; cat >/dev/null; }`; if test $status -ne $errnu then ... fi
	Excerpt email from Andreas Schwab.

1999-02-23 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c : Restrict the use of -E, -F, -G
	to only grep driver, Posix behaviour. {f,e}grep
	the matcher is already set. This change may brake
	scripts, warn in NEWS.

	* doc/grep.{1,texi} : -C takes arguments, upgrade manual.

	* beta 2.3a

1999-02-23 Alain Magloire

	* : Change the configure VC test from
	'test x$ac_cv_prog_CC = xcl;' to 'test x"$ac_cv_prog_CC" = xcl;'
	Email from Joshua R. Poulson.

1999-02-23 Paul Eggert

	Fix porting bug reported by Amakawa Shuhei for SunOS 4.1.4-JL.
	The btowc.c shipped with grep 2.3 is incorrect for Solaris
	2.5.1 and earlier, as it assumes UTF8, which these OSes do not
	support.  Solaris 7 supports btowc, so there's no need to ship
	a substitute for it.  The only questionable case is Solaris
	2.6, which lacks btowc but does support UTF8.  However, 2.6
	supports UTF8 but only as a demonstration (for an English
	locale!); Japanese Solaris 2.6 users typically use EUC, or
	sometimes shift-JIS, but they cannot use UTF8 since Japanese
	UTF8 is not supported.  Hence there's no point to having grep
	substitute a btowc that uses UTF8, as it is either redundant,
	or it will almost invariably have incorrect behavior.

	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add btowc, wctype.
	(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Don't replace btowc; our replacement is
	invariably doing the wrong thing anyway, at least on SunOS/Solaris.
	Don't bother to check for wctype in -lw, as we don't support
	wide characters on Solaris 2.5.1 or earlier anyway.

	* bootstrap/Makefile.try (OBJS): Remove btowc.$(OBJEXT).

	* src/btowc.c: Removed; no longer needed.

1999-02-19  Paul Eggert

	* NEWS: Fix typo when talking about the old behavior of
	silently skipping directories; it was grep 2.1, not grep 2.2.

1999-02-15 Alain Magloire

	* bootstrap/Makefile.try : add DJGPP DEFS.
	Done by Elie Zaretsckii.

1999-02-14 Alain Magloire

	* m4/gettext.m4 : Guard [] with changequote.
	From Elie Zaretskii.

	* djgpp/config.bat : -->
	From Elie Zaretskii.

	* src/dosbuf: k&r function parameter.

	* release of 2.3.

1999-02-10 Alain Magloire

	* bootstrap/{Makefile{try,am},REAMDE} : skeleton
	provided for system lacking the tools to autoconfigure.

	* src/{e,f,}grepmat.c: added guard [HAVE_CONFIG_H]

1999-02-10 Alain Magloire


	* m4/regex.m4 : updated.

1999-02-05 Eli Zaretskii

	* m4/gettext.m4 : Support DOS-style D:/foo/bar absolute file

	* aclocal.m4 (DJGPP) : Use $DJ_GPP instead, since changing the
	latter prevents GCC from finding headers and libraries.

	* djgpp/config.bat: Make building from another directory work

	* djgpp/config.sed: Remove redundant command wich edited path
	separator: now done by configure.

	* src/grep.c [O_BINARY]: Add prototype for undossify_input.

	* doc/grep.texi (Introduction): Typo fixed.

1999-02-03 Alain Magloire

	* grep-2.2f beta release.

1999-02-02 Alain Magloire

	* m4/{djgpp,envsep,glibc,regex,dosfile,isc-posix}.m4 :
	New files to aid configuration and unload
	* m4/ : updated.
	* src/btowc.c : protect for wchar.h

1999-01-28 Alain Magloire

	* intl/ Replace .o with .${ac_objext} where necessary.
	Work around a limitation of Visual C++ on Cygwin32.
	* acconfig.h Define `alloca' as `_alloca' when CC=cl.
	This little hack was suggested by Ian Roxborough .
	Patch forwarded by Ben Elliston.

1999-01-28 Alain Magloire

	* PATCHES-AM: New file. A small patch for automake-1.4, use $(sep)
	as the path separator base on @SEP@.
	* PATCHES-AC : updated for autoconf-13.

1999-01-27 Volker Borchert

	* grep.c: fgrep -NUM not working correctly.
	add the argument number to digit_args_val.

1999-01-22 Paul Eggert

	Prevent grep -r from recursing infinitely through directory loops via
	symbolic links.

	* grep.c (struct stats): New type.
	(stats_base): New var.
	(bufstat): Remove; subsumed by stats->stat.
	(reset, fillbuf, grep, grepdir, grepfile): Pass struct stats * arg,
	for directory loop checking; use this instead of the bufstat global.
	All callers changed.
	(grepfile): Stat the file before invoking grepdir.
	(grepdir): Assume that the argument has already been statted.
	No longer a need for a directory size argument, since it
	can be gotten from the struct stats * argument.
	Check for directory loops.
	Create linked list of directories currently being visited,
	to detect loops.

1998-12-29 Kaveh R. Ghazi

	intl/localealias.c: When building grep-2.2e using cc on Irix4,
	I needed the following patch to intl/localealias.c.
	(Its the same patch used by fileutils-4.0.) The patch resolves
	conflicts between char* and unsigned char* in the i18n code.

1998-12-10 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c : Typo in contex -->context
	Noted by  Vladimir Michl.

1998-12-01  Alain Magloire

	* doc/ djgpp/ m4/ vms/
	New files.

	* m4/progtest.m4: proctect '[]' from m4.
	Noted by Eli Z.

	* PATCHES-AC: New file, add the patch for autoconf in the dist.

	* acconfig.h: (HAVE_DOS_FILENAME)

	* TODO: updated.

	* src/search.c: remove obsolete 'gegrep,ggrep,gnugrep'
	matchers. grep no longer depend on argv[0].

	* grep-2.2e beta to test DJGPP port.

1998-11-28  Paul Eggert

	Various portability enhancements:
	- Don't assume that O_BINARY implies DOS.  Use separate
	macros D_OK (for DOS-like directory access) and
	HAVE_DOS_FILE_NAMES (for DOS-like file names).
	- Don't assume that off_t fits into long; it doesn't on Solaris 2.6.
	- Have is_EISDIR set errno properly on hosts with screwed-up EISDIR.
	- Treat ':' specially in DOS file names only if it's the end of a
	drive specifier.
	- Protect against errno < 0.

	* src/grep.c (is_EISDIR): Move defn to system.h.
	(print_offset_sep): New function.
	(fillbuf): Remove redundant test of O_BINARY.
	(totalcc, totalnl): Now of type off_t.
	(prline): Use print_offset_sep to print file offsets.
	(grepfile): Don't set e to EISDIR; that's is_EISDIR's responsibility
	on machines that don't work properly with EISDIR.
	(grepdir): Don't assume ':' means slash on all DOS filenames;
	it means it only in the file prefix.

	* src/system.h (strerror): Check for negative error numbers.
	(is_EISDIR): Depend on D_OK, not O_BINARY.
	(SET_BINARY): Depend on HAVE_SETMODE, not __DJGPP__.
	not O_BINARY.
	(CHAR_BIT): New macro.

	* src/dosbuf.c (struct dos_map):
	pos and add members are now of type off_t.
	(dos_stripped_crs): Now of type off_t.
	(dossified_pos): Now accepts arg and returns value of type off_t.

	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add setmode.

1998-11-27  Eli Zaretskii

	* djgpp/config.sed: New file, a Sed script to edit configure
	script before running it on DOS/Windows.
	* djgpp/config.bat: Updated to handle and
	po/ on DOS filesystems, and to run config.sed.

1998-11-24  Jim Meyering

	* src/grep.c : Typo s/infalid/invalid/
	Also noted by Stanislav Brabec.

1998-11-24  Eli Zaretskii

	* doc/grep.texi: I found and corrected several typos.
	I believe the GNU standards require the section that describes the
	options to the programs to be called ``Invoking'' or ``Invoking
	''.  This is so users and programs can easily find
	that node in any Info file.  So I changed the name of the
	`Options' chapter to `Invoking', and corrected the
	cross-references accordingly.
	I added some markup to things like file names and options.
	I added some additional index entries where that seemed useful.
	I also corrected some index entries, such as "@cindex [:alnum:]",
	which used a colon in them (the colons confuse Info readers).

1998-11-24  Alain Magloire

	* grep/doc/grep.texi : -h is not use for help.
	Nit spotted by Jim Meyering.

1998-11-23  Alain Magloire

	* doc: New directory, grep.1, {e,f} move here
	* doc/grep.texi: New info manual
	* doc/version.texi: New
	* doc/ New
	* tests/{ere,bre}.*: New files. The spencer2 test is split
	in two ere/bre.
	* config.hin: New, rename to config.hin for OS
	with limited file system aka DOS.

	* grep-2.2d release for beta.

1998-11-18  Alain Magloire

	* src/regex.[ch] : Updated from GLibc, previous patches were
	integrate by Ulrich Drepper and some added ones.

1998-11-16  Paul Eggert

	* grep.h (__attribute__): New macro, if not GCC.
	(fatal): Add __attribute__((noreturn)).
	* grep.c (usage): Add __attribute__((noreturn)).

1998-11-16  Paul Eggert

	Remove memory leak with valloced buffers, by invoking malloc instead.

	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS), src/system.h (valloc): Remove.
	* src/grep.c (page_alloc): New function.
	(ubuffer, pagesize): New vars.
	(ALIGN_TO): New macro.
	(reset): Initialize new vars.  Check for overflow in buffer size calc.
	Use page_alloc instead of valloc.
	(fillbuf): Likewise.  Use memcpy to copy saved area.

1998-11-15  Paul Eggert

	* dfa.c (dfacomp), search.c (EGexecute): Don't assume char is unsigned.

1998-11-14  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (grepdir): Fix bug: memory freed twice.

	* src/search.c (Gcompile, Ecompile): Don't invoke dfainit,
	since dfacomp does it for us, and if we also do it then we
	leak memory.

1998-11-13  Eli Zaretskii

	* djgpp/config.bat: Rewrite to run the configure script via Bash.
	* djgpp/, djgpp/getconf: New files.
	* djgpp/config.h, djgpp/*.mak, djgpp/po2tbl.sed: Remove.
	* djgpp/README: Update instructions.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Update the list of DJGPP files.

	* src/system.h (IS_SLASH): New macro.
	(is_EISDIR): Define it here for DOS and Windows.

	* src/grep.c (main) [O_BINARY]: Set stdout to binary mode, so the
	EOL formats of the input and output files match, unless stdout is
	the console device.
	(is_EISDIR): Don't define if already defined.  Accept a second
	argument, the file name; all callers changed.
	(grepdir): Don't free `file', inside the loop.  Use IS_SLASH to
	check whether `dir' needs a slash.
	(grepfile): If file is a directory, set e to EISDIR.

1998-11-10  Alain Magloire

	* src/vms_fab.{c,h}: New file for VMS wildcard expansion
	Written by Phillip C. Brisco.

	* vms/ : add line to compile vms_fab.c and
	{e,f,}grepmat.c with link for each grep/fgrep/egrep.
	Base on patch send by Phillib C. Brisco.

1998-11-09  Alain Magloire

	* grep-2.2c on alpha for testing.

1998-11-09  Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.1: Fix `Last Change' of output by generating the date
	from the RCS Id.

	* src/grep.c (is_EISDIR): New macro.
	(grep): If -s, suppress errors from trying to read directories.
	(grepfile): Use is_EISDIR to simplify code.
	(grepdir): If -s, suppress errors from trying to read directories.

	* src/grep.1: Fix -q -r -s problems; describe BSD grep better.

	* src/grep.c (main): Update copyright.

	Specify default matcher with default_matcher extern var, not
	DEFAULT_MATCHER macro.  This is more straightforward and means
	we need to compile grep.c just once.

	* src/egrepmat.c, src/fgrepmat.c, src/grepmat.c: New files.

	* src/ (base_sources): New macro.
	(egrep_SOURCES, fgrep_SOURCES, grep_SOURCES): Now consist of
	$(base_sources) plus the single tailoring file.
	(grep_LDADD, egrep_LDADD, fgrep_LDADD): Remove.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Remove grep.c, regex.c.
	(fgrep.o, egrep.o): Remove.

	* src/grep.h (matcher): Now char const *.
	(default_matcher): New decl.

	* src/grep.c (matcher): Now char const *.
	(setmatcher): Now accepts char const *.
	(main): Default the matcher from default_matcher (linked externally)
	rather than DEFAULT_MATCHER (a macro).

1998-11-08 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.1: `' should be replaced with `'.
	Nit from Paul Eggert.

1998-11-06 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c: The Matcher is not set to argv[0] but
	explicitly by a #define MATCHER at compile time default is "grep".

	* aclocal/: NEW dir. provides our own *.m4

	* Move Paul's Large Files to AC_LFS.(aclocal/lfs.m4)
	Taken from Jim Meyering fileutils.

1998-11-05 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.1: update the man pages according to the
	changes make by Miles.

	* po/*.po: updated.

	* first beta release for 2.3 (2.2a).

1998-11-04 Miles Bader

	* src/grep.c (main): Rationalize interaction of -C/-NUM/-A/-B
	options, and allow -C to have an optional argument. -NUM can
	now be mixed with -C, and -A, -B always take precedence over
	-C/-NUM, regardless of order.
	(long_options): Let -C/--context take an optional argument.

1998-11-03 Alain Magloire

	* src/dfa.c: HP-UX define clrbit/setbit as macros in 
	#undef if defined.
	Fixed by Andreas Ley and Philippe Defert.

	* src/grep.1 : mention that -s follows POSIX.2 behavior.
	Noted by Paul Eggert and others.

	* tests/ a typo in failure(s).
	Spotted By Sotiris Vassilopoulos.

1998-11-01  Paul Eggert

	* src/system.h (IN_CTYPE_DOMAIN): New macro.
	IN_CTYPE_DOMAIN instead of isascii.

1998-08-18  Paul Eggert

	Add support for new -r or --recursive (or -d recurse or
	--directories=recurse) option.

	* src/ (grep_SOURCES): Add savedir.c, savedir.h, stpcpy.c.

	* src/grep.1: Describe new options.

	* src/grep.c: Include "savedir.h".
	(long_options): Add -r or --recursive.
	(RECURSE_DIRECTORIES): New enum value.
	(reset, grep): Add file name arg.
	(grepdir, grepfile): New functions.
	(initial_bufoffset): New var.
	(reset): Initialize it.
	(fillbuf): Use it.
	(count_matches, list_files, no_filenames, suppress_errors): New static
	vars; formerly were local to `main'.
	(grep): Recurse through directories if the user asks for this.
	(usage, main): Add new options.
	(main): Change some local vars to be static, as described above.
	Move most of the guts into grepfile function.
	so that it can be recursed through.

	(AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): Add stpcpy.

	* src/savedir.c, src/savedir.h, src/stpcpy.c: New files;
	taken from fileutils 3.16u.

1998-08-11  Paul Eggert

	* src/system.h (initialize_main): New macro.
	* src/grep.c (main): Invoke initialize_main first thing.

1998-04-29  Paul Eggert

	* NEWS, src/grep.1: Describe new -a and -d options.

	* src/grep.c (long_options, usage, main):
	New options -d or --directories and -a or --text.
	(directories, always_text): New variables.
	(reset): Now returns value specifying whether to skip this file.
	Stat the file if either mmap or directory-skipping is possible.
	Skip the file if it's a directory and we're skipping directories.
	(grep): Skip the file if `reset' tells us to.
	(main): If open fails because the file is a directory, and if we're
	skipping directories, don't report an error.
	Remove special case for DOS and Windows.

	* src/dosbuf.c (guess_type): Use the same method for guessing whether a
	file is binary as grep.c's grep does.
	There's no longer any need to declare `bp' to be unsigned.

1998-04-26 Alain Magloire

	* grep-2.2 release.

	* src/dfa.c: Wrong revision was pulled out
	for beta 2.1.1d.
	* src/search.c: Wrong revision was pulled out
	for beta 2.1.1d.

	* src/grep.c: ck_atoi () added instead of atoi ().
	Suggestion from Jim Meyering.
	ck_atoi () pulled from diffutils-2.7, maintained by Paul Eggert.

	* AUTHORS: Rephrase of some sentences.
	* README:  Rewording.
	Noted and patched by Joel N. Weber II.

1998-04-17 Kaveh R. Ghazi

	* src/dfa.h: Don't define `const', trust autoconf to handle it.

1998-04-16 Alain Magloire

	* tests/{status,empty}.sh: wrong return status.

	* src/grep.c: Remove the REGEX part in usage (), it was
	consider overkill by most.

1998-04-14  Eli Zaretskii

	* djgpp/config.bat: Support file names with multiple dots on all

	* djgpp/README: Add instructions about file names illegal on

1998-04-13 Alain Magloire

	* src/dfa.c: by "popular" demand reverse
	back to '_' not word-constituent.

	* grep-2.1.1c available for testing.

1998-04-13  Karl Heuer

	* src/grep.c: (a) The directory check is done too early:
	logically, if the argument is "-", then it refers to standard
	input, regardless of whether there's something in the file
	system answering to "-".
	(b) The sh command "grep -l root /etc/passwd /etc/group 0<&-"
	prints "(standard input)" instead of "/etc/passwd", because it
	mistakenly believes that a named file will never be opened on fd
	0.  The string "(standard input)" should be based on the file
	having been originally specified as "-", rather than making
	assumptions about the fd.
	(c) the code that calls close(fd) is being done outside of the
	test for a bad fd.  Thus, if the open failed, this code will
	attempt to close(-1).  It should be done inside the "fd != -1"
	This patch addresses all three of these problems.

1998-04-13 Alain Magloire

	* remove the deprecated AC_ISC_POSIX macro.
	Spotted by Karl Heuer.

1998-04-03  Eli Zaretskii

	* djgpp/main.mak, djgpp/src.mak, djgpp/tests.mak: Updated from the
	relevant files.

	* djgpp/config.bat: Create files in intl directory like the
	configure script does.

1998-03-28  Eli Zaretskii

	* djgpp/main.mak, djgpp/src.mak, djgpp/tests.mak: Updated to track
	changes in respective files.

	* src/dosbuf.c (guess_type): Avoid running off the end of the
	buffer.  Spotted by Paul Eggert.

1998-03-27  Alain Magloire

	* grep-2.1.1b.tar.gz available.

	* src/regex.c: CLASS_CHAR_MAX set to 256 instead of 6
	when WCTYPE and WCHAR are not defined. When class names
	where bigger then 6, it will not detect an error.
	example '[[:alphabet:]]'.

	* Updated the copyright of the files with emacs.
	With emacs Jim :).

1998-03-26 Jim Meyering

	* src/dfa.c (IS_WORD_CONSTITUENT): Define.
	Don't special-case '_'.
	(dfastate): Use IS_WORD_CONSTITUENT, not ISALNUM.
	(dfaexec): Likewise.

1998-03-25  Alain Magloire

	* tests/ typos and replace the echos with
	a simple cat.
	Noted By Jim Meyering.

	* src/regex.c: #undef ISASCII and ISPRINT before defining
	them(On Solaris it was define).
	Pattern 'a[[:]:]]b' is an invalid char class and the error
	from regex was 1(REG_NOMATCH) instead of 2 (REG_ECTYPE).
	Fix with help from Ulrich Drepper.

	* src/grep.c (usage): Ulrich wrote: "A single printf should
	not have more than 900 bytes. For translation reasons the
	text shouldn't be split in too many pieces since this is
	tiresome and also does not help to generate a consistent picture."
	Noted by Ulrich Drepper.
	* src/grep.c (usage): Dig out and old patch from
	Franc,ois to explain the regex in usage().
	Ideas from Franc,ois Pinard.

1998-03-23 Alain Magloire

	* testing: grep-2.1.1a for testing.

	* Solaris needs '-lw' if we use wchar/wctype
	* src/btowc.c: New file from GNU libc. Solaris 2.5 don't
	have it define.
	* : check for btowc ().

	* regex.c: Include  before , to work around
	a Solaris 2.5 bug.
	Patch provided by Paul Eggert.

	* tests/ new file to check return status code.
	* tests/ new file to check for empty pattern.
	* tests/ new file to tell where to report errors.

	* If available, prefer support for large files
	unless the user specified one of the CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, or LIBS
	Done by Paul Eggert.

	* src/grep.c (usage): change for

1998-03-18 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c (usage): Formating the --help message a bit off.
	Noted by William Bader.

	* src/grep.c (main): When checking conflicting matcher for option -E the
	matcher was to "egrep" instead of "posix-egrep".
	Reported by

	* src/grep.c: Typos and rewording the --help message.
	Reported by Karl Heuer.

	* src/grep.1: The man page wording :
	  A regular expression matching a single character may be
	  followed by one of several repetition operators:
	is unclear since 'x(yz)*z' is a valid regex.
	Remove the "matching a single character".
	Suggested by Harald Hanche-Olsen.

	* src/grep.c (main): `-f /dev/null' now specifies no patterns
	and therfore matches nothing.
	Reported by Jorge Stolfi.
	Patched by Paul Eggert.

1998-03-10 Alain Magloire

	* Ice storm 98(el nino). Lost grep repository disk,
	and my $HOME directory, etc ..
	Trying to get the emails/patch from
	and start from grep-2.1.
	sigh ....

1997-11-01 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c: For the long options, the problems are:
	--file appears in the option table as 'no_argument'
	instead of 'required_argument'.
	--files-with-matches is missing from the option table.
	The help lists '--fixed-strings' as the long option for -F,
	the table has '--fixed-regexp'.
	--regexp appears in the option table as 'no_argument'
	instead of 'required_argument'.
	--with-filename is missing from the option table.
	Reported by Grant McDorman and Krishna Sethuraman.

1997-10-19 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c: the option "with-filename was not in the arg table.
	Corrected by Jim Hand.

	* GNU gettext library from gettext-0.10.32.

	* src/grep.c: reverse back to greping directories,
	One could skip the error message by defining
	SKIP_DIR_ERROR. There is no clear way of doing
	things, I hope to setle this on the next majore release
	Thanks Paul Eggert, Eli Zaretskii and gnits for the

	* tests/ add this check to make sure
	That the return status code is ok.

1997-10-10 Andreas Schwab

	* src/grep.1: Fix formatting.

	* Check for wctype.h, wchar.h, libintl.h and
	isascii, which are needed for regex.c.

1997-10-01 Paul Eggert

	* src/grep.c (fillbuf): Don't warn about mmap failures.

1997-09-7 Alain Magloire

	* src/grep.c: added code for -H --with-filename.

	* djgpp/*: patch wrongly apply
	duplication of text in djgpp/{README,config.h}.
	Filter djgpp/config.bat with unix2dos.

	* djgpp/make.mak: beautify
	From Eli Zaretskii.

	* grep-2.1 release.

1997-09-01 Alain Magloire

	* grep-2.0f out for testing.

	* update to GNU gettext library from gettext-0.10.31

	* grep.c : have a nicer format for --version.
	Noted by Ulrich Drepper.

	* obstack.[ch]: updated from GNU C library
	* look for stdlib.h [HAVE_STDLIB_H]
	Comments from Ulrich Drepper.

1997-08-25 Philippe De Muyter  

	* src/dfa.c (sys/types.h): File included unconditionnaly.

1997-08-16  Eli Zaretskii  

	* grep.c (long_options) [O_BINARY]: Add DOS-specific options.
	(fillbuf) [O_BINARY]: For DOS-style text files, strip CR
	characters at end of line.
	(prline) [O_BINARY]: Report correct byte offsets, even though CR
	characters were stripped when reading the file.
	(usage) [O_BINARY]: Add DOS-specific options.
	(setmatcher) [HAVE_SETRLIMIT]: Set re_max_failures so that the
	matcher won't ever overflow the stack.
	(main) [__MSDOS__, _WIN32]: Handle backslashes and drive letters
	in argv[0], remove the .exe suffix, and downcase the prgram name.
	[O_BINARY]: Pass additional DOS-specific options to getopt_long
	and handle them.  Call stat before attempting to open the file, in
	case it is a directory (DOS will fail the open call for
	directories).  Switch the input descriptor to binary mode, unless
	it is a terminal device.

	* system.h [O_BINARY]: Define macros to switch a handle to binary
	mode, so binary files could be grep'ed on MS-DOS and MS-Windows.
	HAVE_LC_MESSAGES, to prevent compilation error in grep.c on
	systems which don't define HAVE_LC_MESSAGES, but have setlocale.

	* dosbuf.c: New file, functions specific for MS-DOS/MS-Windows.
	(guess_type, undossify_input, dossified_pos): New functions.

	* djgpp/config.h, djgpp/config.bat, djgpp/main.mak, djgpp/src.mak,
	djgpp/po.mak, djgpp/intl.mak, djgpp/tests.mak, djgpp/po2tbl.sed:
	New files, for building Grep with DJGPP tools for MS-DOS and

	* grep.1: Document DOS-specific switches.

1997-08-08 Alain Magloire

	* grep-2.0e: available for testing

	* grep.c: change LC_MESSAGE to LC_ALL for (LC_CTYPE).
	Suggested by Jochen Hein.

	* ABOUT-NLS: updated.
	* grep.c: --version: more verbosity (COPYRIGHT).
	* grep.c: --help: PATTERN, FILE instead of , .
	* INSTALL.grep: not necessary removed.
	* --disable-regex rename --without-include-regex.
	* THANKS: format: first row name, second email.
	* ChangeLog: format ISO 8601.
	Reported by Franc,ois Pinard.

	* grep.c: move dcl of struct stat st into "else" where it's used.
	Reported by Jim Meyering.

	* grep.c: totalnl should be %u in printf.
	Reported by Michael Aichlmay
	Corrected with guidance from Ulrich Drepper

1997-07-24 Alain Magloire 

	* corrected an error when installing {f,e}grep.1.
	From Kaveh R. Ghazi .
	From Ulrich Drepper .

	* Many files: use PARAMS instead of __STDC__ for prototypes.
	From Jim Meyering .
	Patch provided by Kaveh R. Ghazi .

	* dfa.[ch]: uses the one in gawk-3.0.3 with the patch from
	Arnold (see Changelog: July 12 1997)

	* grep.1: a note to say -l, -L, -q stop on first match.
	Noted by Andrew Beattie .

	* grep.c: refuse to scan if the file is a directory.
	This was causing problems on SUNs. If the directory contains
	a file that could match the pattern, garbage was display.

	* tests directory: added new set of tests from Henry Spencer
	regex package. Change the way the tests were done to be more
	conformant to automake.

	* added --disable-regex for folks with their own fuctions.

	* grep-20d : available for testing

1997-07-18 Alain Magloire 

	* grep-2.0c: available for testing

1997-07-17 Alain Magloire 

	* src/grep.c: Cause grep to fail if `fclose (stdout)' fails.
	From Jim Meyering .

	* grep.c:usage() more consistency in the --help.

	* egrep, fgrep were links This is in violation of GNU standards:
	"Please don't make the behavior of a utility depend on the name used
	to invoke it.  It is useful sometimes to make a link to a utility with
	a different name, and that should not change what it does."
	For now egrep and fgrep will be copies of grep. A better scheme
	should be found later.
	After discussion with Tom Tromey .

	* and included: They are stubs that call grep.1.
	* modified to install {f,e,}grep[,.1].

	* speed hack for -l, -L: bail out on first match.
	From Scott Weikart .

	* *.[ch]: provided prototypes for strict argument checking
	With the help of Stewart Levin .

1997-07-16 Alain Magloire 

	* typo in the creation of po/Makefile
	Noted by Volker Borchert

	* grep-2.0b: make it available for testing.

1997-07-15 Alain Magloire 

	* src/grep.c usage(): cut the --help in smaller printf()'s
	Noted by Ulrich Drepper .

1997-07-14 Alain Magloire 

	* grep-2.0a: make an alpha available for testing.

1997-07-12 Alain Magloire 

	* run gettextize: added the po directory filled with *.po files.

	*, scriptgen.awk: fix grep paths.

	* change the directory strucure: grep is now in src to comply with

	* grep.c version.c [VERSION]: got rid of version.c,
	it is now define via config.h.

	* dfa.c: patch to speed up initialization.
	Arnold Robbins (

1997-07-09 Alain Magloire 

	* *.c [HAVE_CONFIG_H]: Macro defined.

	* support for I18N in and

	* update all the string to use gettext(I18N).
	Help from Franc,ois Pinard previous patch .

1997-07-04 Alain Magloire 

	* obstack.[ch]: updated from glibc.
	Work of Ulrich Drepper .

	* regex.[ch]: updated from glibc.
	Work of Ulrich Drepper .

	* grep.c: for option -e not counting '\n' for new keys.
	From Mark Waite .

	* grep.c: for option -f allocating the right count.
	From Andreas Schwab .
	Mike Heartel (

	* kwset.c (bmexec): Cast tp[-2] to unsigned char before comparing.
	From Jim Meyering .

	* grep.1: various typos.
	From Keith Bostic .
	Mike Heartel (

1997-06-17 Alain Magloire 

	* grep.c: support for long options.
	patch done by Franc,ois Pinard .

	* add getopt1.c in
	Noted by Franc,ois Pinard 

	* replace getopt.[ch] and add getopt1.c.

	* kwset.c: undef malloc before define it.
	Franc,ois Pinard .

1997-06-07 Alain Magloire 

	* grep.c: format incorrect in
	fprintf("%s: warning: %s: %s...", filename, strerror(errno)).
	Mike Heartel (

1996-11-19  David J MacKenzie  

	* Set the logical SYS. From (Rodney Brown).

	* grep.c (S_ISREG): Define if not defined already, for e.g.
	SunOS 4.0.3.

	* dfa.c (test_bit, set_bit, clear_bit): Renamed from tstbit,
	setbit, clrbit to avoid conflict with HP-UX sys/param.h macros.

	* memchr.c: New file, from GNU libc.
	* grep.c (memchr): Remove definition.
	* Use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS for memchr.

	* Remove unused checks for memalign and unsigned char.

	* system.h: New file.
	* dfa.c, kwset.c, grep.c, search.c: Use it instead of duplicating
	portability boilerplate.

	* grep.c: Include sys/types.h once, instead of three times
	* dfa.c, kwset.c, search.c: Include sys/types.h unconditionally,
	to always try to get size_t (needed on some old SysV's).

	* dfa.c: Define strchr in terms of index, not the other way around.
	* search.c: Use memcpy instead of bcopy.

1996-11-15  David J MacKenzie  

	* Many files: Update FSF address.
	Update configuration to use autoconf v2 and automake.

1993-05-22  Mike Haertel  

	* Version 2.0 released.